Patchamama – Country Loaf Recipe…

Alô amigos da rede globo,

Aqui vai a receita do pão que eu estou aperfeiçoando há 1 ano e meio…isso mesmo, são 326 pães feitos. A receita esta em inglês…desculpe, mas é só traduzir em algum serviço:

1st_ please feed your Starter (Pachamama)…with 100g of unchloride water and 100g of white flour…and wait 3-4 hours at 23-27 Celsius.

Here it goes:


350g White Flour
150g Whole Wheat Flour
10g non-iodine sea salt
425 ml of non-chlorine water
50g of Starter (Patchamama: I can provide this to you…come over to my place and I will give you)

Important to cook:
Love, lots of it 🙂 with intention
Time, not that much
Cooking Scale
Bowl (Ceramic, Stainless Steel or plastic)..I use Ceramic just because…
Cast-Iron, 5 quart Dutch Oven
Rice Flour or Semolina Flour to cover the bread and not to stick…
Water Sprinkler…

Now let’s get to the cooking…

Heat up the water to about 40C.
Heat the bowl that you are using if it is a cold day…I do it with hot water.
Pour 375ml of the water into the bowl
Incorporate the Starter (Patchamama) and mix with your hands or a silicone spoon until looks like milk.
Include all the Flour and mix it with your hands or silicone spoon.
Wait 30 minutes –> hydration time called autolyze
Include the 10g of Salt with the rest of the water (50ml)…mix well, now you have to use your hands (make them wet before, so it does not stick that much) and really squeeze the dough thru your fingers, it should be soft and malleable.
Put the bowl in a place that is nice, humid and warm. Usually I boil a glass of water in the microwave (creates heat and vapor) and then include the bowl in the microwave and then put a big piece of cotton cloth to prevent loosing warmth.
Let it ferment from 4 to 8 hours (Bulk fermentation) . Every 2 hours you will have to ideally fold the dough, just grab one side of it with the silicone spoon and bring it up, turn the bowl 90 degrees, do it again…the bottom then will be at the top. This helps the gluten protein to align better. Also re-boil the water to make sure you have a source of humidity and warmth…
The Dough will have risen to about double its volume and will nice and bubbly. The gluten protein does not allow the air to leave…
Now it is the time of proofing…

Use a surface that is covered in flour and drop your dough there, sprinkle flour generously all over it and cover all  the surface. Let it rest for about 5 to 10 minutes…
Grab the dough by the sides and stretch it and then fold it back to about 2/3 of the length. Repeat the process on the other side. Now grab the top of it and stretch it and fold it…now do the same with the bottom part. At the end you will have folded the dough, now make a ball with it. I will try to find a video to send to you, but is pretty simple and creates amazing bread…no need for kneading 10 min 🙂

Now clean and dry the bowl. We are going to use it again… take some plastic film and cover the bowl with it, so it will be easy to retrieve the dough with deforming it. Pour some flour on it and transfer your dough into the bowl, with the bottom part up. Cover the bowl with plastic film and place it on the fridge (about 2-5 oC) for 1 to 3 days. This part will develop the acidic bacteria and develop more depth to the bread..the yeast will go to sleep now. The Patchamama contains about 65 different organisms and is pretty amazing…

When you feel is like time to eat bread, take it out from the fridge, put it in a floured surface and cover the loaf with Rice flour or Semolina. You can now do your cutting to help with the rise.

Put your Cast Iron dutch oven (Pan)  into the oven with 485F. Let it warm until the temperature…pour generous amount of Rice Flour to the bottom of the Pan and place the dough in it. Before covering, sprinkle with water about 7 times and cover quickly. This will create the vapor in the oven and will result in gelatinization of the outer layer of the dough…later on this will be the most delicious crust you have eaten in a loooong time…
Bake It with lid for about 37-40 minutes…take the lid off and let it brown for another 10-12 minutes.

When finished, control yourself (this is the hard part) and let the bread cool down for about 20min with air going thru almost the surface (I place a knife under one the sides to lift it up, learned from Silvia)…

Long live to the Patchamama, the gift that keep giving!!!

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